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Rank Site In Out
1 Silent Illusion Rebels
1309 2090

We are a friendly, mature, fast growing ps3 gaming clan! SiR gaming is where fun gaming still exists!!
2 No Pity 4 U
782 1696

Np4u] No Pity 4 U...Wii Call of Duty clan.....We have over 130 members...theres always members online so youll never have to play alone...and our members have 1.5+ kdrs
3 Special Operations Division
598 174

Mature and drama free COD and TITANFALL clan and community covering XBOX1 and PS4
4 Frag Out!
397 1286

We are an age 18+ Xbox community playing popular games such as Call of Duty! Come join us for some fun games - minimal requirements to apply!
5 Delta Recon Division
288 509

PS3 / PS4 clan playing BF4, COD Ghost and GTAV. We play to have fun, and meet new people. Mature clan with many years of leadership experience. Looking to expand onto the next gen consoles. Casual and
6 TeaM No MercY.fr
282 260

la TeaM No MercY est présent sur tous les jeux FPS , Battlefield , call of duty , et bien d'autre jeux et MMO RPG nous jouons ensembles nous possédons des serveurs et un teamspeak 3 et cherchons touj
7 Renegades of Destruction
263 664

We are a mature and friendly X box and PS3 Call of Duty series clan. We have from recreational to competitve members and we participate in clan ops, clan battles, and challenges..Also have a sniping l
8 MizzBehavin
252 278

Home of the Rowdiest Girls and Guys on Call of Duty PS3!
9 unknown7 Gaming
248 79

unknown7 Gaming is a young, dynamic and ambitious Multigaming Clan. We play CS: Source, Trackmania 2 and Call of Duty Ghosts! We're still looking for new German speaking Members, Join Us!
10 Infinity Elite Gaming
214 386

Infinity Elite Gaming is a XBOX360 casual family friendly clan with a competitive side. We are recruiting now so come check us out! 16+ years old
11 Killers On Sight
156 786

[Ko$*] Killers On Sight, PS3, Hardcore lobbies
We been together for 4 years, consisting of a good core of guys who talk shit and back it up.
Talk shit, and we'll fuck you up.
12 Watch Da Killcam
136 341

We are an Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 clan made of mature gamers looking to fill our ranks with that of active players and more that know how to use forums and are willing to be active on it!
13 Highly Trained Recon Unit
123 353

We love to have fun and kid around. We also clan battle and pub stomp.
14 [WS] Wicked Sick
114 618

We are a playstation 3 clan. We play ,Black Ops ,Black Ops 2 ,Modern Warfare 3. We are NOW RECRUTING
15 Inviictus Gaming
109 220

Inviictus Gaming is a new 18+ clan Xbox360 ONLY!!! Active Leadership and a Great group of people to play with and make new friendships with. We Specialize in FPS like, COD Series, BF Series. We have a
16 E G O M clan
87 329

we're the elite gang of misery E G O M if you want to battle against us always welcom hope to see you soon and then you can see how miserable we are.....
17 http://w11.zetaboards.com/ClanVicious
85 543

Call Of Duty Clan, Black ops 2, Mw3, whatever, new clan, getting together ~30 members at the moment, join now guys!
18 The European Warriors
82 159

The European Warriors are a clan of dedicated gamers focused mainly on Call Of Duty PC Games. We are looking for new recruits; so if you play Call Of Duty Games, feel free to register.
19 Clan CCG
80 239

MW3&Blackops 2 Clan Recruiting, monthly prizes etc.
20 ADED - Tactical Gaming
66 394
We recruit for CoD on Xbox360 Only.
We are a well-run clan with tons of experience and friendly CoD Players.
We Respect each others and those we battle against. Learn more on our site.
62 277

www.bpgclan.com Wir sind eine Multigaming Community bestehend seit 2003. Du willst mit machen?! Kein Problem, jeder ist willkommen, einfach unter Mitglied werden anschreiben und schon kannst du KOSTEN
22 Infamous Assassins
62 282
Laid back people who are always looking for more people to talk and play with!
23 MAD DOG Reapers
56 79

Multi console COD Ghost Clan.We are Recruiting!! Join us and "The Reaping Shall Begin"!
24 Indestructible Gaming Community
55 123
We all have over 1.30 kdrs we also are a mw3 and black Ops ps3 and xbox 360 you need a 1.30 kdr or over to join.
25 Soldiers
54 486

we are the Soldiers clan, we currently operate on wii and soon xbox, we are also spreading to ps3

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