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Rank Site In Out
1 MMORPG warofhell game
2275 3047

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Silent Illusion Rebels
1415 3599

We are a friendly, mature, fast growing ps3 gaming clan! SiR gaming is where fun gaming still exists!!
3 unknown7 Gaming
1166 529

unknown7 Gaming is a young, dynamic and ambitious Multigaming Clan. We play CS: Global Offensive,and Call of Duty Ghosts! We're still looking for new German speaking Members, Join Us!
4 The European Warriors
846 824

The European Warriors Multi-gaming community we are looking for new recruits; feel free to register.
5 SpecOps Gaming
737 1049

Mature and drama free COD and TITANFALL clan.Covering soon Destiny and Advanced Warfare as well.
6 TeaM No
333 772

7 Delta Recon Division
289 1025

PS3 / PS4 clan playing BF4, COD Ghost and GTAV. We play to have fun, and meet new people. Mature clan with many years of leadership experience. Looking to expand onto the next gen consoles. Casual and
8 MizzBehavin
252 653

Home of the Rowdiest Girls and Guys on Call of Duty PS3!
9 Watch Da Killcam
136 617

We are an Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 clan made of mature gamers looking to fill our ranks with that of active players and more that know how to use forums and are willing to be active on it!
10 Inviictus Gaming
109 489

Inviictus Gaming is a new 18+ clan Xbox360 ONLY!!! Active Leadership and a Great group of people to play with and make new friendships with. We Specialize in FPS like, COD Series, BF Series. We have a
11 E G O M clan
88 577

we're the elite gang of misery E G O M if you want to battle against us always welcom hope to see you soon and then you can see how miserable we are.....
86 1346

Call Of Duty Clan, Black ops 2, Mw3, whatever, new clan, getting together ~30 members at the moment, join now guys!
13 Clan CCG
81 568

MW3&Blackops 2 Clan Recruiting, monthly prizes etc.
64 711 Wir sind eine Multigaming Community bestehend seit 2003. Du willst mit machen?! Kein Problem, jeder ist willkommen, einfach unter Mitglied werden anschreiben und schon kannst du KOSTEN
15 Infamous Assassins
62 480
Laid back people who are always looking for more people to talk and play with!
16 Indestructible Gaming Community
56 249
We all have over 1.30 kdrs we also are a mw3 and black Ops ps3 and xbox 360 you need a 1.30 kdr or over to join.
17 TKC | The Kill Club
51 398
Adult-Only (30+) Call of Duty clan for Wii. Currently, we are Black Ops only, but will be including the, now confirmed, MW3. We keep it simple and stress free.
18 {AOW} All Out War Clan
47 584

We are a PC clan that has been playing COD since 2005. We are currently running custom maps on a X4 modded COD4 server and a Hardcore Black Ops server. A new {AOW} MIA Mod is in the works so stay tune
19 Embrace The 3nd
46 418

PS3 clan that started out on the Wii, that has been around since World at War. Always accepting new members of all ages and skill levels.
20 Killer Mutant Penguins
45 237

We are an official CNOP Call of Duty clan on PS3. We are looking for some recruits. Please visit out site and fill out an app. We are an 18+ clan with a great website...
21 Call To War
42 486

Our Clan is about having fun with friends on all systems as long as you are polite and respectful to others.
22 Fever Clan
37 347

Fever is an international clan with well over a thousand members and a presence in most every game out there. Although primarily a PC clan, we have members who play together in console games as well.
23 ICE Gaming Clan
37 418
Mature, Friendly, Fun MW3 Gaming Clan for XBox and PS3. We are enlisted in MLG Tournaments and we play for fun too. 1.00 K/D Ratio or better and 16 Years or older.
24 R10Tclan
28 241
The R10T clan was formed in late February 2011 for Call of Duty Black ops and Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 by founders Dakota and Cody with the sole purpose in creating a fun gaming environment with other like-minded gamers.

We try not to take thi
25 iRAW
22 270

ps3 olny

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